Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
— Malcolm X

The Janét Aizenstros Scholarship Program is geared towards Afro-Canadian, Afro-Caribbean and the African Diaspora students in financial need.  

Our scholarships will be available through:

  • The University of Guelph's College of Business & Economics, and the

  • Conestoga College's School of Media + Design

  • University of Waterloo's Faulty of Engineering

These funded scholarships are available to students who have an exemplary history of academics, social involvement in the community & creative arts interest in media and technology.  

Our program is committed to selecting students from the Afro-Canadian, Afro-Caribbean and the African Diaspora communities to be considered these scholarships. 

Selected students will be considered annually per university/college. 

Each student must be accepted in the above mentioned universities/colleges, be able to show financial need, prove academic, social and creative excellence to be considered for this scholarship.

All scholarships are managed and administered by each university or college.